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Welcome to the tinySA® wiki!

The tinySA is a small spectrum analyzer or signal generator, primarily intended for 0.1MHz to 350MHz input/output but it has some nice other capabilities:

  • Spectrum Analyzer with two inputs, high quality MF/HF/VHF input for 0.1MHZ-350MHz, lesser quality UHF input for 240MHz-960MHz or
  • Signal Generator with two output, sinus output for 0.1MHz - 350MHz and square wave output for 240MHz-960MHz when not used as Spectrum Analyzer.
  • Switchable resolution bandpass filters for both ranges between 2.6kHz and 640kHz
  • Color display showing 290 scan points covering up to the full low or high frequency range.
  • Input Step attenuator from 0dB to 31dB for the MF/HF/VHF input.
  • A built-in calibration signal generator that is used for automatic self test and low input calibration.
  • Connected to a PC via USB it becomes a PC controlled Spectrum Analyzer or Signal Generator
  • Rechargeable battery allowing a minimum of at least 2 hours portable use
  • Max input level +10dBm. Do not destroy your tinySA
  • Due to the low cost and very small form factor there are certain relevant limitations.

Introduction and other videos

A short 7 minute video introducing the main features of the tinySA can be found here. Many more videos in my YouTube channel


For those that prefer to read a document instead of browsing a wiki, there are two options.
Kurt Poulson was so kind to write an extensive document explaining various aspects of the tinySA for a Danish Amatuer Radio magazine. The English version can be found here. Kurt describes the operation of the signal generator and spectrum analyzer functions and explains how to update the FW. The document contains many screen captures of example measurements.

As second options is a PDF version of the wiki, which allows for easier reading for some people, that can be found here

Main subjects covered in this wiki:

Legal stuff

The name tinySA and the tinySA logo is a registered trademark owned by us. Nobody else is allowed to use the name tinySA for any spectrum analyzer product without written permission.


The tinySA FW is based on the NanoVNA FW created by edy555


You can support the continued development of the tinySA by donating. Donations can be done via credit card or paypal. The donation link will send you to a new page with a donation button.

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