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User interface:

  • Display resolution 480*320 pixels
  • Screen diagonal 4"
  • 16 bits per RGB pixels
  • Resistive touch control
  • Jog switch control
  • USB serial port control
  • Optional TTL USART port on the internal PCB
  • Linear power supply to avoid switching noise.

Spectrum Analyzer spec:

  • Input frequency range from 100kHz to 800MHz in normal mode and up to 6GHz with ULTRA mode enabled
  • Input impedance 50 ohm when input attenuation set to 10dB or more.
  • Selectable manual and automatic input attenuation between 0dB and 31dB in 1 dB steps when LNA not active
  • Maximum +/-5V DC input
  • Absolute maximum input level of +6dBm with 0dB internal attenuation
  • Absolute maximum short term peak input power of +20dBm with 30dB internal attenuation
  • Suggested maximum input power of +0dBm with internal attenuation in automatic mode
  • For best measurements keep input power below -25dBm
  • Input Intercept Point of third order modulation products (IIP3) of +15dBm with 0dB internal attenuation
  • 1dB compression point at -1dBm with 0dB internal attenuation
  • Power detector resolution of 0.5dB and linearity versus frequency of +/-2dB below 5.3GHz, +/-5dB between 5.3GHz and 6GHz
  • Absolute power level accuracy after power level calibration of +/- 2dB
  • Built-in optional 20dB LNA with Noise Figure of 5dB
  • Lowest discernible signal without LNA at 30MHz using a resolution bandwidth of 30kHz of -102dBm
  • Lowest discernible signal with LNA at 30MHz using a resolution bandwidth of 200Hz of -145dBm
  • Frequency accuracy equal to the selected resolution bandwidth
  • Phase noise of -90dB/Hz at 100kHz offset and -120dB/Hz at 1MHz offset
  • Spur free dynamic range when using a 30kHz resolution bandwidth of 70dB
  • Resolution filters with a width of 0.2, 1, 3, 10, 30, 100, 300, 600 and 850 kHz.
  • On screen resolution of 51, 101, 145, 290 or 450 measurement points.
  • Scanning speed of over 1000 points/second using largest resolution filters.
  • Automatic optimization of actual scanning points to ensure coverage of the whole scan range regardless of the chosen resolution bandwidth
  • Spur suppression option for assessing if certain signals are internally generated or actually present in the input signal
  • Headphone output for listening to the demodulated audio (AM only). Stereo connector only, high impedance is louder, short protected

Signal Generator spec:

  • Sine wave output with harmonics below -40dB of fundamental from 100kHz to 800MHz
  • Output level selectable in 1dB steps between -110dBm and -20dBm
  • Above 800MHz choice of two output modes:
    • Cleanest signal mode: square wave, up to 4.4GHz with coarse frequency steps and less accurate output level
    • Highest accuracy mode: reduced harmonics with possibly strong spurs up to 5.4GHz with frequency resolution equal to below 800MHz and fine output level steps.
  • Level accuracy +/- 2dB up to 800Mhz between -72dBm and -18dBm, less accuracy below -72dBm, even less accuracy below -110dBm
  • Output frequency resolution 57.2Hz
  • Optional AM or FM modulation frequencies between 50Hz and 5kHz (AM) or 1kHz(FM) or sweep over selectable frequency span
  • AM modulation depth between 10% and 100%
  • FM deviation between 1kHz and 300kHz
  • Optional output level sweep over maximum the entire output level range

Reference generator spec:

  • Optional square wave output with fundamental at -35.6dBm connected to cal output
  • Frequency can be set to 1MHz, 2MHz, 4MHz, 10MHz, 15MHz or 30MHz.

Battery spec:

  • Charging time max 1 hour on 500mA minimum USB port or USB charger
  • Operation on fully charged battery for at least 2 hours

HW versions and differences:

  • V0.4.5.1 First HW version
  • V0. Updated LCD screen for availability reasons
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Page last modified on November 02, 2022, at 10:16 AM