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Screen Info

The screen is divided in 5 areas.

  • Info panel at the left
  • Marker info at the top
  • Scan info at the bottom
  • Measurement panel in the middle
  • Menu at the right

Info panel

From top to bottom the following info is shown (between brackets the actual info shown)

  • Reference level (+0) colors green when manually set, white when automatic
  • Unit (dBm)
  • Scale (10dBm/) colors green when manually set, white when automatic.
  • Scan status (ARMED) can be PAUSED either manually or when single sweep is done, ARMED when waiting for next trigger.
  • Attenuation (0dB) colors green when manually set, white when automatic.
  • Calculation (A 16 means Running average over 16 measurements), only shown when calculation active.
  • RBW (612kHz) colors green when manually set, white when automatic.
  • Scan time as measured (209 milliseconds), colors red when first scan after changing settings not finished yet
  • Cal output frequency (30MHz), only shown when cal output active.
  • Amplification of the external amplifier or attenuator, only shown when not zero.
  • Trigger level set (-40dBm), colors red when waiting for trigger in NORMAL mode, colors green when SINGLE trigger completed. Only visible when not on AUTO
  • Input mode (LOW) LOW is low input mode, HIGH is high input mode.
  • Compact setting status (afrngb) all lower case letters mean everything on automatic.
  • FW version (1.0-40)
  • Battery level and voltage
  • Bottom level (-100dBm)

Marker panel

Shows info for maximum 4 active markers. Structure of the info:

  • An optional arrow indicates the currently selected marker
  • The type of merker is denoted with some letters. R=Reference, D=Delta marker, N=Noise marker with level normalized per Hz RBW
  • The frequency of the marker, a '+' or '-' indicates a delta frequency
  • Level of the marker. If no unit is indicated the level is in dBmW or in dBc in case of a delta marker.

A marker can be selected by touching its marker info. A selected marker can be positioned using the jog switch unless it is a tracking marker. Only one marker can be a Reference marker.

Scan Info

Shows the Start/Stop, Center/Span or Zero span/Scan time info.

Scan info can be selected by touching the info. Selected info is marked with a caret symbol and can be changed using the jog switch

Measurement panel

Shows maximum 3 traces.

  • Yellow trace it the measurement trace, either as measured (when no calculation is active) or as calculated.
  • If a calculation is active a red trace shows the info from the last scan.
  • The stored info is shown in a green trace

Shows maximum 4 markers. Tracking markers are automatically positioned. Non-tracking markers can be grabbed and shifted to any location or the MARKER SEARCH can be used to position them

The active trigger level is indicated with a blue line


The menu is shown after touching the screen or pushing the jog button. This menu activation aborts the current sweep. After the menu setting is finished the sweep (when not in paused mode) will restart with the possibly updated settings.

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Page last modified on July 27, 2020, at 12:16 PM