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PC control

Connecting to a PC

The USB interface of the tinySA can operate in two modes.

During normal operation the Serial over USB mode (also called console mode) is active. Only when updating the firmware the DFU mode is used. For this see Updating the firmware
The drivers for the Serial over USB mode are built in Window and Linux so there are no drivers to install. Simply connect the tinySA to your PC using the supplied USB cable.
Once connected you can either use a terminal program (such as Tera Term ) or you can use an PC application to control the tinySA

Two softwares to control the tinySA are available. All are able to capture the screen of the tinySA


For windows there is the tinySA-App, still in its infancy

The executable can also be downloaded from here:

In case you can not connect to the tinySA, open the Windows Device Manager and see if the "USB Serial device" device appears when you connect the tinySA. If an "Unknown Device" appears, right click on the Unknown Device and click "Uninstall Device". Switch the tinySA off and on and see if now the "USB Serial Device" appears.

Linux (and Windows (not recommended))

There is a early derivative of nanoVNA-saver which is still a bit rough. To run you will need to install python and a number of support libraries.

Source is available here:
Download and extract the source, go to the folder where the source is extracted and issue python

This python SW is not recommended for Windows users

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Page last modified on October 03, 2020, at 10:54 AM