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Buying the tinySA

Safe places to buy an original tinySA

  • Zeenko store on Other sellers on Alibaba may sell bad clones. For other payment methods, such as Paypal, hit the "chat now" button and Maggie from the Zeenko store will help you. At the right top of the browser window there should be "my messages" where you will have a better overview of your messages
  • Zeenko store on AliExpress. This is the factory store, guaranteed to deliver genuine tinySA. Other sellers on aliexpress may sell bad clones. To be sure you get a good product only buy from Zeenko store on AliExpress.
  • R&L Electronics in the USA. When the tinySA is listed as "out of stock" R&L can still take you order and only charge your credit card when the product is available again (which should be in a few weeks).
  • Eleshop in Europe
  • Switch Science in Japan
  • Taobao in China
  • 1688 in China
  • Mirfield Electronics in the UK.
  • astroradio in SPAIN
  • Neven in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Aursinc on Amazon
  • SeeSii store on Amazon

If the tinySA is listed as Pre-order it means there is currently no stock but a next batch of tinySA is being manufactured and as soon as these are available (usually within one month) the pre-ordered products will be shipped in order sequence.

Where to buy the tinySA Ultra

The tinySA Ultra sells out quickly in all stores. Stock levels are expected to be very low the coming weeks.

Other stores will be added in the future.

Be aware of bad performing illegal copy products.

Much effort went into the tinySA to ensure accurate measurements over the entire frequency range. This is however only possible when using the original high quality components. Clones use lower quality components with incorrect reverse engineered component values and because of this the clones have a far worse performance. Unless you can compare the tinySA to another good spectrum analyzer you will not be able to detect the bad performance of a clone.

The following sellers have sold at least one illegal clone:

  • Navplus on eBay
  • ahken-81 on eBay
  • ideafoxtrot on eBay
  • KKmoon on Amazon
  • Shop910459103 on AliExpress
  • ahken-81 on AliExpress
  • Feature Tools on AliExpress
  • Tool-box Store on AliExpress
  • Good Home-Accessories for you Store on AliExpress
  • Tools & Instruments Factory Store on AliExpress
  • Tools & Meter Store on AliExpress
  • Banggood has removed almost all references to the tinySA trademark and is now only selling clones.

How to recognize a cloned tinySA

The cloners copied everything, included packaging, trademarked name and logo.

If the serial number of your tinySA starts with AD its a clone.

If the serial number is later then SA-2104, the HW version on the back should be V0.3.1_E:

If the serial number is later then SA-2201, the HW version on the back should be V0.3.1_EL, and should have the CE and FCC marks.

If its V0.3 like below its a clone

The cloners use a patched firmware to prevent failing of the selftest. After upgrading the firmware you may get failures in the selftest but the selftest is based on possible component variations after full validation in manufacturing, which is not guaranteed with a clone.

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Page last modified on June 30, 2023, at 05:09 AM