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tinySA model comparison table

 tinySA BasictinySA Ultra
Display size2.8 inch4 inch
Low input frequency100kHz-350MHz100kHz-800MHz, 6GHz in Ultra mode
High input range240MHz - 960MHz-
Resolution filters in 1,3,10 stepsfrom 3kHz to 600kHzfrom 200Hz to 850kHz
Max low output frequency350MHzSine wave up to 800MHz, Square wave up to 4.4GHz
Low output level-76dBm to -7dBm-104dBm to -16dBm
High output frequency range240MHz - 960MHz-
High output level-32dBm to 16dBm-
Ultra mode-Level calibrated up to 6GHz
Internal LNA gain-20dB up to 4GHz
Internal step attenuatorNormal: 0-31dB, High: NA0-31dB
Displayed points per scanmax 290max 450
0-350MHz scan time405ms165ms
Minimum zero span scan time1.6ms for 290 points14 ms for 450 points
DANL low input at 100MHz-146dBm/Hz-153dBm/Hz (LNA Off) / -169dBm/Hz (LNA On)
DANL high input at 880MHz-163dBm/Hz-
DANL degrading in ultra mode-10dB above 2.5GHz, 25dB above 5.3GHz
Phase noise at 10kHz offset-83dBc/Hz-92dBc/Hz
Phase noise at 100kHz offset-98dBc/Hz-108dBc/Hz
Low input 1dB compression level-0.5dBm+0.5dBm (LNA Off) / -26.5dBm (LNA On)
IIP3 without LNA+24dBm+18dBm (at least 2MHz apart) / 0dBm (500Hz apart)
IIP3 with LNA--8dBm (at least 2MHz apart)
Audio out-3.5mm stereo headphone plug
FW update mode activationVia DFU menuPush jog button before switch on
AM modulation depthFixed 30%10% to 100%
FM deviation4kHz or 75kHz1kHz to 300kHz
Modulation frequency50Hz to 5kHz50Hz to 3.5kHz
Storage-Internal micro SD card slot for storing measurements up to 32GBytes
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