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Sweep Accuracy

  • NORMAL sets the default sweeping mode
  • PRECISE sets the precise scanning mode. Using the same RBW the amount of scan points will be doubled and the wait time after each frequency change will also be doubled to reduce noise so the total minimum sweep time will be four times higher.
  • FAST sets the fast sweeping mode. This will enable offset tuning when doing frequency steps below 800kHz and as offset tuning can be done with less disturbances the wait time per measured point can be reduced. The smaller the sweep frequency span the higher the possible sweep time reduction. A disadvantage of the fast sweeping mode is an increase of the noise of about 10dB.
  • NOISE SOURCE is a special fast scanning mode only to be used with noise sources. The scan does only one measurement per display point even this would create gaps in between but for a noise source this should not be a problem
  • SPEEDUP allows setting the acceleration factor for fast sweeping. Default this is set to 4. The maximum acceleration is 20. The actual acceleration will depend on available and requested RBW and on the selected frequency span and can be much lower as specified. In practice acceleration with a factor 10 is possible. Too much acceleration will decrease accuracy of level measurement.
  • BACK returns to the display menu

As zero span sweeping does not require changing the frequency there is no impact of the sweeping mode settings on the sweeping speed or accuracy. Also the FAST SPEEDUP has no impact.

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Page last modified on August 26, 2022, at 04:15 PM