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Allows even more internal settings to be changed.

  • AGC enables/disables the build in Automatic Gain Control. The AGC helps extending the dynamic range of the tinySA but is sometimes causing artifacts. Disabling the AGC can help discovering these artifacts. Disabling of the AGC is recommended when measuring below 1.5MHz or when trying to observe AM modulation. This setting only has impact when attenuation is on manual. See the example of measuring Low Frequencies
  • LNA enables/disables the build in Low Noise Amplifier. Should not be enabled when AGC is enabled. Enabling the LNA can cause severe signal distortion with signals above -20dBm. Switching on the LNA is recommended when measuring low level signals below 1.5MHz. This setting only has impact when attenuation is on manual.
  • BPF enables measurement of the performance of the internal Band Pass Filter. Make sure you connect low and high input connectors with a short SMA cable. This measurement is only available in low input mode. The top of the BPF should be at close to -25dBm and have a flat passband of about 1MHz wide. The stop band of the BPF should be below -80dBm
  • BELOW IF switches the LO to below the IF when measuring below 190MHz. Can be used to detect spurs or mirror signals but may also cause performance degradation. This is normally in automatic mode.
  • HOLD TIME sets the number of scans after which a maximum measured with MAX DECAY will start to decay. Decay speed is 0.5dB per scan. Default is 20. Maximum is 250
  • NOISE LEVEL sets the expected noise band in dB. Used for positioning tracking markers and maximum search. A higher value will hide small signals in automatic marker search. A lower value enables automatic identification of weak signals but could also lead to more false maxima. Default is 10
  • CORRECT FREQUENCY allows to enter the actual measured frequency of the 10MHz CAL OUTPUT. Make sure you have set the CAL OUTPUT to 10 MHz and measured the output with a good frequency counter.
  • BACK moves back to the first settings menu
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Page last modified on August 31, 2020, at 07:26 AM