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Expert Config Menu

Allows the setting of various internal parameters. Do not change anything unless you know what you are doing.

  • LO OUTPUT enables the output of the first LO though the high connector so an external mixer and LO can be used to create a tracking generator. The LO is by default above the IF frequency
  • LEVEL CORRECTION activates the menu for correcting the input or output level
  • IF FREQ allows entering the IF frequency used in low mode. The default is 433.8MHz and any value below 433.6MHz of above 434.3MHz will greatly reduce sensitivity. Setting to any value other than 433.8MHz disables the build in spur avoidance and may cause spurs to appear in RBW's below 100kHz
  • SCAN SPEED allows setting certain parameters influencing the speed of scanning. Do not go there if you do not know what you are doing!
  • SAMPLE REPEAT sets the number of repeat measurements at each frequency. Default value is 1 but a higher value can be used to average noise. Every increment of the amount of repeats will slow down scanning with about 130ms.
  • MIXER DRIVE sets the power output to the mixer. A high drive reduces 3rd order distortion with some dB. A lower drive may slightly reduce the noise floor. The default level of +7dBm should be good for most measurements.
  • MORE activates the second settings menu
  • BACK returns to the Config menu
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Page last modified on December 25, 2021, at 01:37 PM