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The resolution bandwidth of the tinySA power detector can be set to match the measurement requirements.

  • AUTO sets the resolution bandwidth selection to automatic.
  • 3kHz
  • 10kHz
  • 30kHz
  • 100kHz
  • 300kHz
  • 600kHz
  • BACK returns to the FREQ Menu

Setting the resolution bandwidth to AUTO will match the resolution bandwidth with the video bandwidth determined by the frequency span. If the maximum resolution bandwidth is less then the frequency step per display point, additional steps are automatically inserted to ensure full span coverage and the measurement time will increase.

When using a fixed resolution bandwidth additional scanning steps are inserted if needed to ensure full frequency span coverage and this may cause the measurement time to increase.

Be aware scanning a large frequency span using a low RBW can take considerable time!

The noise floor of the tinySA depends on the selected resolution bandwidth. A lower resolution bandwidth reduces the noise floor but scanning a wide span will take more time.

The active RBW is visible in the status panel. When the RBW is manually set the RBW status is displayed in green.

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Page last modified on July 23, 2020, at 06:19 AM