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The mode menu allows switching to one of the four operating modes of the tinySA and to activate the calibration output. Switching mode will reset all users settings to the default values for the selected mode. Returning to a currently active mode will not changes any settings.

  • LOW INPUT activates the 0.1-350MHz input mode
  • HIGH INPUT activates the 240MHz-960MHz input mode
  • LOW OUTPUT activates the 0.1-350MHz output mode
  • HIGH OUTPUT activates the 240MHz-960MHz output mode
  • CAL OUTPUT controls the build in calibration reference generator. The output of the reference generator is connected to the high mode input/ouput. The output frequency can be 1,2,4,10,15 and 30MHz and the output level of the fundamental at 30MHz is -25dBm
  • BACK returns to the current active mode.
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Page last modified on July 27, 2020, at 11:42 AM