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Marker Menu

Markers are used to display the value of signals. One marker is active and marked with a small triangle in front of the marker number at the top of the screen

  • MODIFY MARKER allows selecting a marker and shows a submenu to modify the MARKER TYPE or to delete the marker.
  • MARKER OPS allows setting the frequency display range based on the active marker
  • SEARCH MARKER allows positioning a non-tracking marker on signal maximum or minimum. This can also be done using the jog button or by dragging the marker.
  • RESET MARKERS resets all markers to the default state
  • BACK returns to the input menu

Marker 1 is by default enabled and has the TRACKING attribute and is thus automatically positioned at the largest signal in the scan. The active marker can be moved with the jog switch. Any marker can be moved by dragging the marker to a new position. The active marker can also be selected by touching the related marker info at the top of the screen.

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Page last modified on January 27, 2023, at 01:16 PM