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Low output

The low output mode produces a signal with reduced harmonics. Depending on the output level the harmonics vary between -35dB (highest output levels) to below -50dBm (below -35dBm output) The low output screen looks like this:

  • Tapping the LOW OUTPUT button will switch the output on or off
  • A short tap on middle of the FREQ button activates a keypad to select the output frequency. The frequency can be set from 100kHz to 350MHz
  • The left and right of the FREQ button can be used to decrement or increment the output frequency with the step indicated in small print.
  • A short tap on the LEVEL button activates a keypad to select the output level. The output level can be set from -76dBm to -6dBm
  • The left and right of the LEVEL button can be used to change the level in steps of 1dBm or 10dBm.
  • MODULATION allows selecting a modulation of the output
  • SWEEP allows selecting a frequency span and/or level change and duration for sweeping. MODULATION and SWEEP are exclusive.
  • EXTERNAL GAIN activates a keypad to select the applied external amplification (positive values) or attenuation (negative values). This number will be added to the displayed output level and automatically subtracted when setting any output level thus avoiding the need for level calculations.
  • MODE returns to the mode menu

The signal generator frequency resolution is about 260Hz

A long push anywhere on the LEVEL button will activate the slider mode. The slider pointer will move to the X-position of the touch and moving the touch left or right allows to quickly change the output level.

A long push on the FREQ button can activate two functions:

  1. RANGE function: A long touch away from the slider indicator will put the slider in RANGE mode, indicated with the text changing to RANGE , allowing to set, by moving left or right with the touch, the RANGE of the slider. The steps of the FREQ button change with the RANGE.
  2. SLIDE function: A long touch close to the slider indicator will grab the slider in FREQ mode with the last selected RANGE and by moving the slider left or right the output frequency can be quickly set within the active RANGE
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Page last modified on December 28, 2021, at 02:55 PM