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Low output

The low output mode produces a signal with reduced harmonics. Depending on the output level the harmonics vary between -35dB (highest output levels) to below -50dBm (below -35dBm output)

  • FREQ selects the output frequency. The frequency can be set from 100kHz to 350MHz
  • LEVEL selects the output level. The output level can be set from -76dBm to -6dBm
  • MODULATION allows selecting a modulation of the output
  • SPAN allows selecting a frequency span for sweeping around the selected output frequency. MODULATION and SPAN are exclusive.
  • LEVEL CHANGE sets the delta to the set level at the end of the sweep. Example: LEVEL set of -60, LEVEL SWEEP set to 50. This will start each sweep at -60dBm and increase during the sweep until reaching -10dBm at the end of each sweep. LEVEL CHANGE is only available in low output mode. MODULATION and LEVEL CHANGE are exclusive
  • SWEEP TIME sets the time in seconds of a sweep. Setting the time to zero sets maximum sweep speed. MODULATION and SWEEP TIME are exclusive.
  • MODE returns to the mode menu

The signal generator frequency resolution is about 260Hz

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Page last modified on July 22, 2020, at 08:45 AM