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Level Menu

There is a short video demonstrating the level menu

Various attributes of the display can be adapted

  • REF LEVEL sets the level in selected unit of the top of the display. The ref level can be set to AUTOMATIC and is automatically adjusted to keep the strongest signals just below the top of the screen.
  • SCALE/DIV sets the amount of selected unit per division of the display.
  • ATTENUATE sets the amount of attenuation applied to the low input/output. The range is 0 to 31 dB. There is no settable attenuator in high mode. When set to AUTOMATIC the attenuation tries to keep the strongest signals minus the attenuation below -25dBm.
  • UNIT selects the display unit. dBm, dBmV, dBuV, Volt or Watt
  • EXT GAIN sets the level offset in dB caused by an external amplifier or attenuator. Default is 0. Example: For an external 20dB attenuator set to -20
  • TRIGGER selects the trigger mode
  • LISTEN puts the tinySA in Listen mode at the frequency of the current active marker. The scanning stops and audio is available at the indicated solder pad. The user interface keeps working so you can change the listen frequency while in Listen mode.
  • BACK returns to the main menu

To enable the listening you have to do a HW modification of the tinySA as described here

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Page last modified on October 22, 2022, at 08:26 AM