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High Input

The high menu is much like the low input menu except missing options for functionality not present in high Input such as:

  • Attenuator related settings
  • Mixer an IF related settings
  • Band pass filter measuring option
  • Tracking output option
  • Spur reduction related settings

There are a number of things to keep in mind when using the high input

  • The input IIP3 is -15dBm so VERY easily overloaded.
  • The frond-end is a direct IQ mixer with very limited mirror suppression (maximum 30dB)

For best use of the high input:

  • Disable the CONFIG/EXPERT CONFIG/AGC if possible.
  • For low level input signals you can enable the CONFIG/EXPERT CONFIG/LNA (use only when AGC is disabled)
  • Make sure input signals stay way below -20dBm to avoid overloading.
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Page last modified on December 29, 2021, at 11:55 AM