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Display Menu

There is a short video demonstrating the display menu

  • PAUSE SWEEP pauses the scanning
  • WATERFALL displays the power level over time in a waterfall map. A second click enlarges the waterfall. Click again to disable. The waterfall moves per scan and displays the last 40 (small mode) or 80 (large mode) scans.
  • 'BIG NUMBER display the value of marker 1 as a big number below the scan
  • DRAW LINE draws a blue horizontal line at the entered level, click again to remove the line.
  • SWEEP TIME sets the minimum time for a complete sweep in seconds. Using the 'm' button on the keypad it is possible to specify the sweep time in milliseconds. Setting the sweep time to zero enables the fastest sweep. Setting a sweep time below the fastest sweep time has no impact.
  • SWEEP POINTS allows setting the number of sweep points to 51, 101, 145 or the default of 290. Reducing the sweep points will only lead to a reduction of sweep time if the RBW using the reduced number of sweep points is below 600kHz.
  • SWEEP ACCURACY menu contains various settings on how to sweep the selected frequency or time span.
  • ROTATE DISPLAY rotates the display 180 degrees
  • BACK returns to the input menu
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Page last modified on August 26, 2022, at 04:10 PM