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Display Menu

There is a short video demonstrating the display menu

  • PAUSE SWEEP pauses the scanning
  • STORE TRACE writes the current measurement to the blue trace. Click again to store again.
  • CLEAR STORED removes the stored trace
  • SUBTRACT STORED subtracts the stored trace from the current measurement. Make sure to adjust the REF LEVEL in the LEVEL menu to make the calculated trace visible. The current measurement is stored if there was no stored trace.
  • NORMALIZE will store the current scan and subtract this stored scan from future measurements. This will show the difference in input level compared to the scored scan. NORMALIZE is the same as STORE TRACE followed by SUBTRACT STORED. Use CLEAR STORED to deactivate NORMALIZE
  • WATERFALL displays the power level over time in a waterfall map. Click again to disable. The waterfall moves per scan and displays the last 40 scans.
  • SWEEP SETTINGS menu contains various settings on how to sweep the selected frequency or time span.
  • BACK returns to the input menu
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Page last modified on September 11, 2020, at 08:44 AM