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Configuration menu

The configuration menu can be used to update various settings and to test or calibrate the tinySA

  • TOUCH CAL enables the calibration of the touch panel. The results are stored in NVM.
  • TOUCH TEST is used to verify touch calibration.
  • SELF TEST is used after a cable is used to connect the low and high input/output. The progress is displayed and you need to touch the display after each failing test and at the end of the test.
  • LEVEL CAL is used to calibrate the power measurement levels. A new menu appears and you will be asked to to connect the low and high input/output. After connecting the cable, activate CALIBRATE. The calibration can be reset by RESET CALIBRATION. At the end of the calibration switch of the tinySA. After switching on again the numbers indicating the power levels should be in white to indicate the power reading is calibrated. An uncalibrated state is indicated with red level indicators. The level calibration data is stored in the leveloffset configuration variable.
  • VERSION shows the SW version information.
  • EXPERT CONFIG activates the expert configuration menu
  • DFU switches the tinySA to firmware upgrade mode.
  • BACK moves back to the input menu.
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Page last modified on July 22, 2020, at 03:45 PM