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Power level calibration

The tinySA internal components do have certain manufacturing tolerances possibly causing deviations when measuring power levels in low input mode. To reduce this error it is possible to calibrate the power level display using the internal calibration generator. Without an active calibration the the upper and lower power levels indicators next to the display grid are displayed in red.

Before starting the calibration connect the low and high inputs using an SMA cable. The power level calibration uses a 30MHz calibration output to calibrate the low input power level display.

Once calibration is done the upper and lower power level indicators next to the display grid turn white. Directly after calibration the power level display error is expected to be below +/- 2dB

The calibration results are stored in NVM. The RESET CALIBRATION option in the CALIBRATE menu allows resetting to factory defaults in case of a failed calibration.

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Page last modified on April 28, 2020, at 09:04 AM