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Attenuation settings and usage

To protect the tinySA from damage from strong signals or to check the possible overloading of the tinySA it is recommended to always ensure you have the correct attenuation. Internally the display data is corrected for the applied attenuation. This is the display with an attenuation of -3dB

The fundamental is at 30.3MHz with a strength of -35dBm

When increasing the attenuation the signal and all its harmonics stays at the same level but the noise floor moves up

If, as in above image, the harmonics stay at the same level when increasing the attenuation, you can be sure these are not internally generated but present in the input signal. When the harmonics decrease in strength when increasing the attenuation you have been overloading the tinySA and the harmonics are (partially) internally generated

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Page last modified on April 04, 2020, at 07:31 AM